Zalto Decanter Single Bottle Carafe No75

The carafes are designed for white wines, lighter-bodied reds and water or non-alcoholic drinks.

They allow for the optimal development of flavour and finesse of service. Well suited to store in the refrigerator, they are elegant enough for any table.

820ml 248mm high.

*Shipping on glassware is calculated separately from wine due to additional packaging requirements


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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Glass Care

The glasses of the Zalto Glass House are not only about design. They are produced without the addition of lead oxide and are resistant against clouding. Despite its feather-light weight and delicate edges, the Denk`Art series of glasses maintains all the best attributes of a modern glass as far as care and longevity are concerned. Denk`Art glasses may be washed in a dishwasher and should be considered your everyday glass as well as the glass to use for your most special occasions.

About Zalto

In the northern part of Lower-Austria the tradition of glass blowing goes back to the early 14th century. The Zalto family, a glassmaking dynasty whose roots reach back to Venice, settled down in this region six generations ago. Since then Zalto has been producing high quality hand-blown glass in Neunagelberg.

Our company was established 2006 in Neunagelberg, to give special focus on outstanding,hand-blown stemware with the acquired brands Zalto and Denk`Art.

True to tradition of the Zalto brand, today the Zalto glass house offers connoisseurs superior and state of the art glasses. All of them hand-blown by highly skilled glassblowers.