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The much anticipated Yarra Yering release is here! Having worked at Yarra Yering with Doc over 4 years and devoured pretty much every wine made at YY, I can happily say the 2014 & 2015 wines are looking the goods. The sophistication, texture and hallmark opulence is all there. The wines truly have great personality!

We’ve selected the pick of the bunch after tasting through all the current and museum wines including the Carrodus range. Check out our Video reviews filmed at the winery below.

Wines are now available for delivery.

Our picks

The 2014 Dry Red No.1, Dry Red No.2 and Underhill $92 in a mixed 1-5, $87 in a mixed 6-11, $82 in a mixed 12.

The superb 2015 Dry Red No.3 WINE DECODED EXCLUSIVE SOLD OUT $88 in a mixed 1-5, $84  in a mixed 6-11, $80 in a mixed 12.

We also have cellar access to the delicious 2009 Dry Red No.1 and No.2.

Your tongue will thank you!

This offer has expired, wines are subject to availability. We'll do our best to satisfy your tastebuds.

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