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I had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with Roberto Voerzio tasting through his entire range at the end of 2015. He speaks little English and my Italian is average. Together we spoke enough French to open a revealing dialogue. In many ways he reminded me of Doc. from Yarra Yering. Take a look at the footage from this rare opportunity in the Wine Bites Mag – Roberto Voerzio Winemaker Session. It covers his 2011 Baroli and 2004 Barbera and Riserva. Roberto discusses the vineyards for each wine, his viticultural and winemaking philosophies, the controversies of modernist vs traditionalist winemaking in Barolo and much more.

Extreme passion and dedication to quality. Constantly pushing to grow better grapes and make better wine. Seeking harmony, sophistication, purity, layers and layers of aroma and flavour. His vineyards are tended as though they were his children. Yields miniscule. He works to drive the roots of his vines deep into the ground, and, feed them with compost rather than chemical fertiliser. You can see the mid-row trenching and composting below.  With great pride he holds tiny bunches of Nebbiolo destined for his Barolo.

In addition to the 2013 Baroli we are offering the Barbera d’Alba Riserva Pozzo Annunziata La Morra 2013 available in Magnum 1.5L only & the Barolo Riserva 10 Anni Fossati Case Nere La Morra 2007.  The Barbera is only available in magnum, this is how Roberto believes it should be drunk. “I’m bottling it in a magnum, because this a Barbera for an occassion.” Let’s face it magnums are more fun! Unlike many growers who replanted prime vineyards from Barbera to Nebbiolo, Roberto has kept his planting of Barbera in some of his best sites. It’s planted to a high density, with 4 canes in a goblet. Yields around 500g per vine. The results are outstanding. Amongst a tasting of his 2011 Baroli, a magnum of 2004 Barbera and the Riserva 10 Anni 2004 were standouts! Both, incredibly vibrant, fresh and simply delicious.

The Riserva with 10 years of age on it already is outstanding value with an additional 6 years of age on it compared to the current release. It’s from 2 vineyards Fossati and Case Nere, they attached to the La Serra and Cerquio vineyards. This additional time is spent in bottle not oak. So the wine doesn’t see any extra wood, just time in the cellar. This takes it into the window I like drinking Barolo in 10-20 years of age.

Roberto Voerzio says “2013 must be considered among the excellent vintages”. He adds” The wines of this harvest are very rich in all aspects: the colour, the smell, the taste and the body. They are complex, with very velvety and silky tannins, and we could compare them to the harvest 1999, and we rate it personally at 97-99/100.”

Your tongue will thank you!

*We will only receive a few bottles of each wine. 1st come 1st served. Following allocation, in early April you will be invoiced for 50% of the total. The balance payable when the wines are ready to ship.

This offer has expired, wines are subject to availability. We'll do our best to satisfy your tastebuds.

Roberto Voerzio, Barolo, PRE-ARRIVAL OFFER – 2013 Vintage

Roberto Voerzio, Barolo, PRE-ARRIVAL OFFER – 2013 Vintage
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About the Wines

N.B. In line with Roberto and Davide Voerzio’s strict quality without compromise philosophy, they did not bottle Barolo Torriglione 2012 nor from 2013 either Barolo Rocche dell’Annunziata 2013 and Barolo Case Nere. They also produced very limited quantity of all the other 2013 Crus. Roberto and Davide are very excited about their Barolo Fossati Case Nere Riserva 10 anni from the extraordinary 2007 harvest. Roberto says “The bottle ageing has underlined the character of this very sunny harvest, with the bouquet reminiscent of red fruit conserve, and the palate full-bodied yet elegant and silky at the same time. We are not afraid to be honest and rate this wine a 99/100, comparable in our view to 2000.”

From 2013 Barolo: Sublime Finesse & Elegance (Feb 2017) by Antonio Galloni – Roberto Voerzio

Roberto Voerzio fans have plenty to look forward to two new wines with the 2016 vintage. The first of these is a more modestly priced Barolo del Comune di La Morra that sits between the Langhe Nebbiolo and the vineyard designate bottlings, that is made from Voerzio’s top sites but cropped at slightly higher yields than the vineyard designates. At the higher-end, the new Barolo RV 350 (Roberto Voerzio, with yields of 350 grams per plant instead of the customary 500) is made from the two most promising vineyards in each vintage. As always, one of the central tenets of the Voerzio approach is a steadfast belief that the relationship between low yields and high quality is always linear. An unexpectedly severe outbreak of peronospera in spring and Voerzio’s preference to treat the vineyards as little as possible resulted in yields that are down by around 40% across the board. There will be no Rocche dell’Annunziata and Case Nere, both sites that were especially affected by the difficult conditions. At this stage, the Barolos that are the most delicate, the Cerequio and Sarmassa, are the most affected by bottling, while the more powerful wines are the least affected. Over the years, Voerzio has moved his winemaking towards more gentle extractions and lowered the influence of French oak, both of which allow the purity of the fruit to be quite expressive. There are plenty of highlights in this range, but less wine than usual to go around.

Barolo Cerequio 2013, 94 points, drink 2019-2033

The 2013 Barolo Cerequio is soft, delicate and understated, with a creamy expression of fruit, silky tannins and exceptional overall balance. Sweet floral notes, bright red stone fruits, mint and cinnamon give the wine its aromatic lift and presence. The only thing the 2013 is missing is the fruit intensity and exuberance of the very best years. Today, the Cerequio comes across as not fully formed and still recovering from its bottling about two months before this tasting. It will be interesting to see if more vineyard signatures develop over time.

Barolo Brunate 2013, 96 points, drink 2020-2035

A super-classic Roberto Voerzio wine, the 2013 Barolo Brunate is powerful yet translucent, with exceptional balance and tons of class. Dark red cherry, plum, spice, menthol and a host of balsamic-inflected overtones develop nicely in the glass. In 2013, the Brunate possesses good depth, while its customary power and structure emerges with notable reluctance. Simply put, the 2013 is a jewel of a wine.

Barolo La Serra 2013, 96 points, drink 2020-2035

The 2013 Barolo La Serra is superb. In fact, the 2013 is one of the most impressive young La Serras I have ever tasted from Roberto Voerzio because the tannins are much more polished than is typically the case here, where the high altitude of this site tends to produce sinewy, nervous Barolos. Today, the 2013 is brilliant and super-expressive, with remarkable precision and class. As always, the flavors are bright and floral, with a good underpinning of chalky, mineral-driven tones, with remarkable polish and class to burn. What a gorgeous wine this is.

Barolo Sarmassa 2013, 94 points, drink 2021-2033

Voerzio’s 2013 Barolo Sarmassa comes across as round, sensual and inviting. Even so, it is also less open and deep than some of the other wines in this range. Bright floral notes, chalk, mint and white pepper add nuance to the dark red stone fruit flavors. The French oak tannins need time to settle. Otherwise, this is a fine showing.

Barolo Torriglione 2013, 95+ points, drink 2020-2035 (release in 2018)

The 2013 Barolo Torriglione is another highlight in this tasting. The flavors are intense, dark and perfumed, with beams of tannin that add brightness and thrust. Powerful and energetic, with exceptional balance, the Torriglione is deeply expressive and also built to deliver considerable pleasure for many years.

James Suckling on “The Drinkability of 2013 Barolo”, Jan-Feb 2017

Beautiful harmony, bright fruit, clarity—these are the defining traits of Barolo’s 2013 vintage, which may be its best vintage since 2008. I blind tasted more than 60 bottles a few months ago in the town of La Morra and thoroughly enjoyed the firm, linear tannins that gave the reds real dynamism and form. These are young nebbiolos that will please wine lovers with their classic structure yet accessibility. In other words, you can drink them now or lay them down. You’ll enjoy them either way.

Indeed the 2013’s have a comparable structure to the excellent 2010 vintage, but the 2013s are overall more refined and focused as well as more consistent in quality.

It’s hard to find specific areas or vineyards that excelled in 2013 other than noting that the best vineyards, like Cannubi or Bussia, appeared to make the best wines. I’ll have a better answer in a few weeks when I return to Italy to taste more 2013 Barolos, but alreadyI can say that I like what I’ve had so far.

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Sarmassa 2013, 97 points

Imposing aromas of flowers, stems and berries. Full body, powerful tannins and plenty of ripe fruit and creamy acidity to back it up. Extremely structured and powerful. Try in 2022.

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Torriglione 2013, 98 points (release in 2018)

Complex aromas of dried spices, petals and dark fruits. Some porcini mushrooms as well. Opens up in the end to sensational fruit. Full body, ripe and chewy tannins and great depth. The pureness and beauty is breathtaking. Drink in 2020.

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Brunate 2013, 95 points

I love the perfumed aromas to this. So much rose and lilac character on the nose with pretty fruit. Medium to full body, ultra-fine tannins and an elegant finish. Better in 2018.

Roberto Voerzio Barolo La Serra 2013, 94 points

Aromas of ripe fruit and cedar follow to a full body, a tight palate, polished tannins and a flavorful finish. Should come out beautifully with time. Try in 2018.

Roberto Voerzio Barolo Cerequio 2013, 93 points

A Barolo with a solid core of ripe fruit, citrus undertones and cedar. Full body, chewy tannins and a flavorful finish. Tangy and vivid. Still tight at this stage. Try in 2020.