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The 2013 Barolo Vintage continues to impress. I just had the chance to taste a 8 x 2013 Baroli and recommend 3. GD Vajra Albe, GD Vajra Bricco delle Viole and Luigi Baudana Cerretta.

NOTE: Produttori del Barbaresco 2013 Cru’s will be available on pre-release in February 2018.

About Vajra

Vajra is one of those producers that, across their range, manages to deliver sophisticated, fun wines that are great expressions of fruit. Thankfully, unlike many, Giuseppe understands restraint and oak!

“I try to make wines that give people joy. In the past wine was a food, it was necessary for sustenance. Today that is not the case, we choose to drink for pleasure. I want to make wines that bring people happiness.” Aldo Vajra

The Vajra family has quietly amassed a serious collection of vineyards that make them one of Piedmont’s larger, family-owned estates, something they have accomplished while maintaining the already high level of their entry-level wines. Every wine in the range is absolutely delicious and full of personality. I can’t recommend these new releases highly enough. Antonio Galloni

Checkout the videos on Vajra at the end of the page.

About Luigi Baudana

Luigi Baudana is one of the last garagiste estates still operating in the Langhe region.

The estate is a mere 4 hectares in size (~10 acres), but all the vineyards are held in the highest hierarchy of Barolo vineyards, being listed both in the Lorenzo Fantini “Monografia sulla Viticultura ed Enologia in Provincia di Cuneo” (1879) and in Renato Ratti’s “Carta del Barolo” from the early 1970s.

Ceretta may well be the better know cru. Located on the east slope of Serralunga d’Alba, this vineyard has a unique soil composition, made of a very white, calcareous topsoil and a deeper layer of red clay beneath. Wines from Ceretta are all about class and broad intensity.

In 2009, Francesca, Isidoro and Guiseppe, the three children of famed Aldo and Milena Vajra of G.D Vajra, joined the Baudana family to bring new energies and an uncompromised respect to this story.

The Wines

The Vajra 13’s are looking the goods. Baudana’s Cerretto is plenty of fun. Galloni’s scores are representative of my order from these wines.

Bricco delle Viole 2013 I’ve had the 2009, 2010, 2012 and now the 2013. The 2013 is the most masculine of all of these vintages, retaining the perfume the wine is known for. Still incredibly young I tasted twice over an hour, it  blossomed beautifully over that time. The level of refinement with the tannins was impressive. As is typical of Viole, great harmony and poise. It’s an impressive rendition. Great texture. Incredibly long and even. The core of fruit acts as a great backbone to this wine and lingers. Beautifully balanced this will be a keeper.
$175ea with less than 6. $165 for 6 or more combined. 97 from Galloni

We have access to cellar release stock of contact us 1300 811 066, or, using the form below, if you are interested in any of these:

  • Bricco delle Viole from 1997, 1998, 2009, 2011 & 2012 including magnums of 2012.
  • Ravera from 2011 & 2012 including magnums of 2012.

Albe 2013 As with the Bricco delle Viole on of the more masculine Albe’s in recent times. It to has a great core of fruit. Whilst the texture is not quite as fine as the Viole the quality of the tannin is certainly there. Lovely play between acid and tannin, with impressive depth and length.
$100ea with less than 6. $95 for 6 or more combined. 92 from Galloni

Luigi Baudana Cerretta 2013 From Serralunga this was the most feminine of the three wines with lovely long tannins and a perfumed core of fruit. Great length and balance. There was harmony to this wine that was impressive. It has the restrained hand of Giuseppe Vajra to thank for a beautiful expression of Nebbiolo fruit. Such a charming wine.
$170ea with less than 6. $160 for 6 or more combined. 95 from Galloni

Your tongue will thank you!

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GD Vajra & Luigi Baudana PRE-ARRIVAL OFFER – 2013 Vintage

GD Vajra & Luigi Baudana PRE-ARRIVAL OFFER – 2013 Vintage
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