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Back in 2005, during my first trip to Italy, I spotted a bottle of Aldo Conterno on the list of fine restaurant in Turin, just to the north of Barolo. As the cork was pulled an insane aroma released that was easily sensed across the table.

From that point I was hooked. Over the following years I’ve devoured bottles across decades. The elegance and finesse of these wines is spectacular. When you see comments of flavours lingering for minutes, they are no exaggeration!

Poderi Aldo Conterno is one of the great estates.

The wine point system has some major flaws, but, scores of 2 x 100, 1 x 99, 2 x 98 and 1 x 96 in a lineup, suggest something has to be heading in the right directions!

“Like tasting young Romanée-Conti” James Suckling on the 2005 Granbussia (available in magnum)

Poderi Aldo Conterno is steeped in the history of Barolo. Giacomo Conterno, producer of the famed Barolo Riserva, Monfortino, and, Barolo Cascina Francia, was run by Giacomo’s son’s, Giovani and Aldo, until 1969 when Aldo went his own way, founding Poderi Aldo Conterno.Whilst having differing winemaking philosophies was at the root of the move. They share a commonality, in the desire to make wines that are a great expression of the vineyard, without the interference of small new oak. Aldo Conterno stated, “Vanilla, toast, spice and sweet tannins don’t belong in Barolo”.

The two brothers, Barolista to the core, have undoubtedly gone on to build to of the greatest estates in Barolo.

Aldo Conterno’s wines balance, age in large old oak, Botti, and, stainless to bring poised wines to lovers of great Barolo.

Aldo’s son, Giacomo, speaks to their continued drive to raise the bar. The estate has gone from 200,000 bottles in the 1980’s to around 80,000 today from the same, 25 hectares of vineyard. Combined with this skin contact has increased to 5-6 weeks. This for me is a sign that the depth of fruit has increased, enabling or perhaps requiring the extended skin contact to tame it and further enhance the mouthfeel of the tannins. Romirasco perhaps the most ageable in Giacomo’s opinion.

Technique aside, Aldo Conterno’s wines are truly wines of incredible beauty.

SPECIES OF VINE: Nebbiolo, Michet and Lampia varieties.
HARVEST: manual, with grapes selection in the vineyard.
TIME OF HARVEST: mid-October.
VINIFICATION: red, with skin contact inside stainless steel vats.
VINIFICATION TIME: the must stays on contact with the skins for 4-5 weeks: during this time the alcoholic fermentation gets fully complete.
VINIFICATION TEMPERATURES: changeable, with highest peaks of 32 degrees centigrades.
CELLAR REFINING: The new wine is decanted several times before transfer to oak casks where it is aged and refined.

Poderi Aldo Conterno’s Holdings

Aldo Conterno’s holdings rest in Bussia, a vein that runs vertically up the centre of the Barolo commune Monforte d’Alba.

His three great vineyards, Cicala, Colonello and Romirasco (sometimes referred to as Rominasco) are clustered together in the very north of Monforte.

Clockwise from left: Romirasco, Colonello, Cicala

In Giacomo’s opinion, his Romirasco perhaps the most ageable in Giacomo’s opinion.

It is these three Cru’s that are bottle separately. The name Granbussia was created by Aldo for his Riserva, a blend of the best parcels of his three Cru’s. It’s typically a blend of 70% Romirasco, 15% Cicala and 15% Colenello.

Around 600 cases of Granbussia are produced, and, only in years deemed to be of outstanding quality.

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Aldo Conterno's 2013 Cru's. Is this the DRC Barolo? + Granbussia '08 '06 '05 + magnums!

Is this the DRC of Barolo?
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About the Wines

Poderi Aldo Conterno 2013 Barolo + 2008, 2006, 2005 'Granbussia' Offer

Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo DOCG 'Bussia' 2013

VINEYARD: different vineyards, in Bussia Bussia (Monforte d’Alba).
NOTES: the grapes used to make Barolo come from vineyards which are at least 15-20 years old.

96 Points

This shows a beautiful complexity of ripe fruit such as cherries as well as orange peel undertones with lemon and pineapple highlights. Medium body and well-defined tannins. Drink in 2020.

94 Points

A fragrant style, offering rose, cherry, earth, mineral and cumin aromas and flavors. Young and tense, yet shows fine potential, with complex flavors, good structure and a long aftertaste. Best from 2023 through 2040.

Wine Spectator

93 Points

It may be a so-called entry level Barolo, but the 2013 Barolo Bussia definitely delivers the goods. Fruit is sourced from three separate points within the larger Bussia cru. These sites are characterized by clay soils with southeast exposures and approximately 25-year-old vines. The quality of fruit is very intense and defined with dark cherry and dried blackberry. Yet the mouthfeel is ethereal, light and buoyant. Keeping in line with the vintage, the tannins are firm and slightly rigid. However, they are well absorbed by the exuberant nature of the fruit. The wine's personality is reminiscent of the Barolo Bussia Cicala.

Monica Larner, Wine Advocate

Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo 'Cicala' DOCG 2013

VINEYARD: “Cicala” vineyard, in Bussia (Monforte d’Alba).
NOTES: the vineyard “Cicala” [meaning: balm-cricket] is about 40-45 years old and the vines are replanted from time to time. The main variety of Nebbiolo is Lampia and its rootstock is Rupestris du Lot.

99 Point

The aromas of flowers, blackberries, and white truffles are superb. Full to medium body and ultra-fine tannins. The finish lasts for minutes. An amazing Cicala. Don't miss this. Drink in 2022.

95 Points

The 2013 Barolo Bussia Cicala is a beautiful wine with impressive depth and a profound sense of sharpness. This part of the Bussia cru sees a mix of clay soils (40%) with limestone (60%). In a sense, Cicala is the most indicative of the greater Bussia cru both in terms of its geological properties and its general taste profile. You get a lot of fruit in this wine followed by tannic firmness and evident power. Together, the wine presents balanced results. The alcohol here is 14.5% and I'm told that the upcoming 2016 vintage is almost a full degree stronger.

Monica Larner, Wine Advocate

Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo 'Colonnello' DOCG 2013

VINEYARD: “Colonnello” vineyard, in Bussia (Monforte d’Alba).
NOTES: the vineyard “Colonnello” is about 40-45 years old and, to maintain it, the vines are replanted from time to time. The main variety of Nebbiolo is Michet and its rootstock is 420 A.

98 Points

Terrific aromas of blackberries, walnuts, spices, bark and mushrooms. Full body, ultra-fine tannins and bright acidity. So beautiful now but be patient. This needs four or five years to come completely together. Wow. What class and precision define this wine. The aromas show such subtle complexity and beauty. Full and tight with a solid core of fruit. Polished tannins to the maximum. Better in 2021.

94 Points

The 2013 Barolo Bussia Colonnello is the most ethereal and delicate of the Bussia series of wines. Fruit is sourced from a portion of the Bussia vineyard that is located closer to the village of Barolo (one kilometer away) than it is the village of Monforte d'Alba (five kilometers away). The sandy soils found here make for softer and tamer tannins especially when compared to the other parts of Bussia. The bouquet opens to aromas of blue flowers, spice, wild berry, licorice and white truffle. This is a softly nuanced and finessed Barolo made with fruit from 45-year-old vines.

Robert Parker

95 Points

Menthol, pressed rose, iris, woodland berry, chopped mint and a whiff of oak-driven spice take center stage. It's still tight, with youthfully assertive refined tannins but it also boasts layers of red cherry, raspberry compote, cranberry, licorice and vanilla alongside bright acidity. Thanks to its age-worthy structure, you'll need patience for this one. Drink 2028–2048.

Wine Enthusiast

Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo 'Romirasco' DOCG 2013

Counted by Giacomo Conterno as their most important vineyards. Known for distinct spice and complex soil types. The oldest vines of the estate rest in this vineyards. Romirasco perhaps the most ageable in Giacomo’s opinion.

VINEYARD: “Romirasco” vineyard, in Bussia (Monforte d’Alba)
NOTES: the vineyard “Romirasco” is about 50-55 years old and the vines are replanted from time to time. The main variety of Nebbiolo is Lampia and its rootstock is Rupestris du Lot.

98 Points

Beautiful dark fruits of crushed raspberries and blueberries plus hints of champignon mushrooms and black truffles. Lavender undertones. Full and chewy with lots of tannins. Old vines give this a mossy, bark-like undertone. Needs five to six years to come around.

97 Points

The stunning 2013 Barolo Bussia Romirasco represents a stylistic blend between the elegance of Monforte d'Alba and the brooding power of Serralunga d'Alba. These are magnesium-rich soils mixed with limestone and clay. Romirasco is also home to some of the estate's oldest vines at 55-years-old on average. This beautiful wine opens to a dark and rich garnet color that comes from the concentrated fruit produced by these old plants. The bouquet is laced with mineral and iodine-like nuances with rust and iron. It comes across as rich and intense and the mouthfeel is slightly softer, but denser overall. The wine ends with long balsam tones of rosemary and dried ginger.

Monica Larner, Wine Advocate

'Gran Bussia' Riserva Wines

Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo 'Granbussia Riserva' DOCG

I’ve devoured the 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1999 of this, some on several occasions. It is a truly a special wine.

*Translated English version from the website.

The GRANBUSSIA derives from the best Bussia vineyards, in Monforte d’Alba, the valued heart of the Barolo area.

The Granbussia remains in the cellar for at least 9 years before commercialization. It is produced exclusively in the best years and in limited quantities.

A fresh and solid land, both powerful and sensual made of limy marls and compact sand of which Poderi Aldo Conterno and their most noble Barolo are the most subtle, attentive and most of all calm and patient interpreters.

This is because here, in the folds of the Bussia hills, the timing of the countryside governs, slow and master, the right time for grapes as these are.

Aged for thirty months in oak casks and refined for a further six years, the GRANBUSSIA represents the purest and most virtuous essence of three different historical Bussia cru: the Romirasco, Cicala, Colonnello vineyards and it can be flavoured only for those years that are felt as being worthwhile.

The excellence of the GRANBUSSIA is an ancient, inalienable and fouding value that Poderi Aldo Conterno have kept unchanged over the time.

The oenological and wine-growing techniques used allow to achieve a fruity Barolo, unique as far as smoothness, with the tradition of the native vine being well set in.

Therefore traditional but also evolved.

These are decisions that find a correspondence in the temperament of the grapes of the area, intransigent Nebbiolo grapes.

These represent choices of character, made from a company that has turned the attachment to the land into a matter of pride.

VINEYARD: Romirasco, Cicala and Colonnelo vineyards (Bussia – Monforte d’Alba).
CELLAR REFINING: once removed the new wine remains in oak casks where it ages and refines.
NOTES: the Barolo Reserve Granbussia is produced by blending grapes from the oldest vines, from the Romirasco, Cicala, and Colonnello, before fermentation starts, in the following percentages respectively: 70% – 15% – 15%.

100 Points

2008 - Speechless. Incredible aromas of blackberries, blueberries, dark chocolate and hints of cream. Roses, rose petal, and leaves. Full- bodied, tight, and concentrated. The finish is endless. Perfect harmony. Made from a selection of the best grapes from the oldest vines: 70% Romirasco, 15% Cicala and 15% Colonnello. All co-fermented and macerated for one month in wood. Aged in a 25-hectoliter cask for 33 months. Five years in bottle. Only 3,000 bottles. Perfect now and it will improve with age for decades ahead.

95 Points

2006 - A full-bodied red with muscular tannins and hints of dark chocolate, berries and minerals. Full body, chewy tannins and intensity. Fresh and precise. This is a blend of the top vineyards of Bussia. Almost three years in large wooden casks. A pretty, elegant 2006 that shows balance for a tannic vintage. About 4,000 bottles made.

100 Points

2005 - Like tasting a young Romanee Conti. This is so sexy and titillating. It just begs you to drink it. Fabulous aromas of roses, rose water, light vanilla bean, ripe strawberries, and flowers. Very, very complex. Full body. It's starts off slowly on the palate and then builds and goes on for minutes with balsamic and fruit. It is really the synthesis of Bussia. It is savory too. The grapes that go into this are selected vine by vine. They come from the oldest and most beautiful vines from Conterno's three vineyards in Bussia of Cicala, Colonello and Rominasco. Production has been reduced to a third of the quantity in the past, or about 3,000 bottles. Available in the market in October.

Museum Releases

Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo 'Romirasco' DOCG 2005

VINEYARD: “Romirasco” vineyard, in Bussia (Monforte d’Alba)
NOTES: the vineyard “Romirasco” is about 50-55 years old and the vines are replanted from time to time. The main variety of Nebbiolo is Lampia and its rootstock is Rupestris du Lot.

95 Points

The 2005 Barolo Romirasco is a regal, aristocratic wine that embodies everything a great Barolo should be. The wine reveals awesome density and richness in layers of deeply spiced, mentholated dark fruit, flowers and minerals that continue to emerge from the glass in a never-ending display of sheer elegance and class. This is one of the few truly complete, multi-dimensional wines of the vintage. Today the wine comes across as exceedingly young, and some bottle age is essential in order to enjoy the wine at its very finest. This is a gem from Aldo Conterno. Based on the well-deserved success of the 2004 the estate has decided to bottle a small amount of the Romirasco in each vintage, something Barolo lovers should be thrilled about.
Drink 2013-2030.

Antonio Galloni


Monopole of 3.5 ha. 55-year-old vines. The Conterno’s favourite vineyard – the highest. Our favourite soil. Clay limestone. Very luscious and gorgeous. Lovely density now. Racy and vibrant. Flattering. Dry but an electric finish. Long. 18 Points/Drink 2018-2032

Jancis Robinson

Drinking Beautiully

In 2017 this is right in the drinking window for Barolo. Now 12 years old it has a wonderful core of fruit, with great nuanced secondary development, bags of truffles, violets, supple long tannins and lingering fruit. Just so enticing. Beautiful balance, incredibly harmonious. Draws you in! Make sure you decant it.

Paul Kaan