Thibaud Boudignon

Thibaud Boudignon is one of the new young stars of the Loire Valley based in Savennieres.

He also owns two small vineyards across the river on the south side of the Loire in the Anjou. Having worked with Philippe Charlopin in Gevrey Chambertin, Chateau Lafite Rothschild in Bordeaux (amongst others) and also in Australia then the Loire, Thibaud has built up a wealth of experience without having been born into a wine producing family.

“Thibaud Boudignon is a recent entry to Savennières, having started his project in 2009, but oh, my, the purity of his wines is impeccable. The three Savennières – La Vigne Cendrée, Clos de Fremine and Clos de la Hutte – have their own personalities. The transparency and harnessed power of these wines offer a contrast to the bigger, bolder Savennières styles. It may only be a young domaine, but the clarity of the wines made from these young vines is truly exciting. I look forward to the vines maturing further.“

Rebecca Gibb MW, Vinous Media, March 2021

Alder Yarrows article “The Emotion of Savennières: The Wines of Thibaud Boudignon” on his blog Vinography offers a much more comprehensive insight into Boudignon.

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Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc Grey Label 2021

Chenin Blanc | Loire Valley, Anjou

On the 2020: ”Unlike his Savennieres, the fruit for Boudignon’s 2020 Anjou blanc is purchased. The result is a pure, clean wine with delectable purity. There are delicate flavours of just ripe pineapple, citrus, nettles and a subtle hint of vanilla. It is fermented and aged in both 500 liter barrels and oval Stockinger ‘cigars’. A line of acidity ulls this wine through to a refined conclusion. It can be approached now for its fine fruit but will go on.” Rebecca Gibb MW, Vinous 91 Po
$100ea in any 3+
$95ea in any 6+

Thibaud Boudignon Savennières ‘Clos de La Hutte’ 2020

Chenin Blanc | Savennières, D'Anjou-Saumur

”The 2020 Clos de la Hutte is a wine that makes your shoulders drop such is its tranquility and sense of comfort in your mouth. It blooms in the mouth and does so without any sense of heaviness. The finish, scented with flowers and nectarines, is long, fragrant and textural. I hate using the word minerality as it means so many different things to people, but in my opinion, this has it in spades. It is incredible that the vines were only planted in 2011 on the schistous site on the grounds of a
$250ea in any 3+
$240ea in any 6+