Domaine des Roches Neuves

Thierry Germain is making stunning Chennin Blanc & Cabernet Franc in Saumur & Saumur-Champigny, with a splash from Anjou all in the Loire Valley.

Founded in 1850 by the Duveau family, Domaine des Roches Neuves was taken up by Thierry and Marie Germain in 1991.

Spanning 12 hectares with Cabernet Franc at the time, the domain grew with 2 hectares of Chenin and 8 more hectares of Cabernet Franc in 1996.

The vineyard expanded with new plots in 2012: Clos de l’Echelier and Les Mémoires.

The winery completely converted all its operations for organic winegrowing in the late 1990s, then transitioned to biodynamic methods in the early 2000s.

In 1991, Marie and Thierry fell in love with the Domaine des Roches Neuves.

Thierry had already spent his entire life in the wine world. Originally from Bordeaux, he is in the sixth generation of winemakers in his family.

Marie and Thierry’s journey is filled with memorable encounters with wine personalities who inspired them and led them to build their own viticulture vision and wine style.

Their philosophy very clearly focuses on the living, which inspires them to create inseparable ties with the grapevine, its soil, and even animals.

“Much of the finest Cabernet Franc from Saumur-Champigny is being now made by Thierry Germain at Domaine des Roches Neuves. The elegance, precision and purity of Germain’s Cabernet Franc is something else entirely, almost Burgundian.”

Jason Wilson, Vinous

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Lovely plump juice that caresses the palate. Loads of energy here. Crunchy fruits perfumed with violets and baking spice. The texture here is exceptional incredibly fine tannins even tannins. Line and length of juicy acid. Loving the finesse here. Superb drinking. Sate the deepest of thirsts!
$51ea in any 3+
$48ea in any 6+

Roches Neuves Samur-Champigny 2021

Cabernet Franc | Saumur-Champigny, D'Anjou-Saumur

Beautiful, plump yet linear fruit average 25 up to 70 years. Wild and tank only ferment. Bright lovely balance and flow. Great way to start the range. A little spice woody herb a little violets and blue fruits. A herbal note in a refreshing & very nice way. Moderate weight and length. Restrained crunchy and delicious. As per Gibb's note could easily be drunk with a couple of degrees knocked off it. “The 2021 Domaine des Roches Neuves is made in a light bodied, delicate and fragrant
$54ea in any 3+
$51ea in any 6+
Pretty, fine, long, textured & rich. Quince fruit with lovely caressing phenolics & a refreshing finish. A faint lick of green leafy herbs chervil or tarragon. Fine, a lovely pithy finish cleansing with a little bitterness. Wild ferment in 1200 stockingers 600 barrels. Fresh & thirst-quenching. Opened beautifully in the glass. Yum! Out to play now with plenty to come.
$83ea in any 3+
$79ea in any 6+
Deceptive in it’s depth and length. There is a trick exceptional wines manage, they appear weightless yet have incredible depth and layer after layer of intrigue. This is such a wine. Funny, Thierry’s wines remind me in so many ways of Yarra Yering. When I made wine there we were focused on two things, texture and complexity, building in layer after layer of intrigue. As with Thierry’s fruit we had incredible acidity. We aimed to make wines that you’d drink half a bottle, think, shit tha
$111ea in any 3+
$106ea in any 6+
Bone Dry!
Stunning Chenin Blanc to Rival the Drinking Pleasure of 1er Cru White Burg & the Worlds Best Dry Rizza! So fine. Superbly textured. Stunning acid of epic length, piercing long and lovely. Fruit length and depth continue to build epically long after swallowing. Incredibly complex & layered. Such depth. Citrus, lemon, a little white grapefruit, pear & quince, garrigue woody herb. When the acid settles and generosity builds with time in bottle this will be an absolute ripper. Wait 3-5 years.
$156ea in any 3+
$149ea in any 6+
Bone Dry!
Chenin. Take the syrup from poached quince and mix it with Créme pâtissière. Entrancing. Lovely, feel like I’m cooking quince. Long fine, excellent acid, draws you in, alive with personality. Bone dry! Phenolics here are interesting, dusty rather than oily. They have a wonderful cleansing feel. Savory with a little oxidative character just enough to add intrigue. Fun. Very good.
$192ea in any 3+
$185ea in any 6+