The Rosé Revolution has made its mark.

The sweet tricked up Rosé wines are out. The pink drink is now dry, complex, and plentiful!

Whether your Rosé comes from Provence in France, Sicily in Italy, or, any number of regions through Spain and Australia, today’s Rosé wines are the best they’ve ever been!

They can be made from nearly any red grape variety. Pinot Noir, Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, blends, and, beyond. Some have a splash of wine or juice blended in from a white grape variety. Typically to add freshness and complexity.

The colour from the red grapes is the secret to the pink drink. Extracting just enough from the skins to give Rosé it’s beautiful blush.

Brief periods of skin contact or running wine off red ferments are common practices for getting the colour just right.

From fresh summer wines to light bodied reds different styles are plentiful.

Like any wine, some winemakers through the whole kit and kaboodle at their Rosé wine with use of solids, lees stirring, and, fermentation and maturation in old oak. Others keep it simple with clean ferments in stainless steel.

Oh … and some of the best are fizzy!

Celebrate the difference I say!

Fresh, Flavoursome Rosé!

All of the Rosé!

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