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The Top wines awarded by the Gambero Rosso each year receive Tre Bicchieri 🍷🍷🍷 ~ Three Glasses!

Gambero Rosso, the global authority on Italian wine, food, travel and culture, is perhaps best known as the publisher of the annual guide to Italian wines, the Vini d’Italia. Featuring more than just reviews of Italy’s finest wines, Vini d’Italia covers the brilliant, passionate individuals who devote their lives to winemaking. Today, more than 70 expert tasters comprise the team that blind-tastes 45,000+ wines annually, rating them on a scale of one to three glasses (bicchieri). Of these many thousands of wines, fewer than 1% achieve the Tre Bicchieri designation, a ranking reserved for only the best wines from each vintage.

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Exploring the archives it’s clear the old adage applies, many of the same names popping year after year. Great sites with great makers have a habit of doing that!


Reds: Nebbiolo

Luigi Baudana ~ Borgogno ~ Cavallotto ~ Cogno ~ Giacomo Conterno ~ Massolino ~ Figli Luigi Oddero ~ Giovanni Rosso ~ Vietti


Reds: Nebbiolo

Albino Rocca ~ Giuseppe Cortese ~ Bruno Giacosa ~ Produttori del Barbaresco ~ Roagna ~ Sottimano


White: Timorasso Reds: Nebbiolo

Claudio Mariotto ~ Vigneti Massa

Alto Piedmont

Reds: Nebbiolo



Reds: Nebbiolo

Ar.Pe.Pe ~ Sandro Fay ~ Rainoldi


Reds: Cabernet Varietals + Sangiovese

Grattamacco ~ Ornellaia


Reds: Sangiovese

Casanova di Neri ~ Fuligni ~ Poggio di Sotto


Witeses: Carricante Reds: Nerello Mascalese

Fessina ~ Girolamo Russo ~ Graci ~ Passopisciaro ~ Terre Nere

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One of those wines that reminds you why Carricante from Etna is often likened to high level Chablis! A wine of such rhythm, poise, and structure - one with salty minerality combined with concentrated succulent, juicy fruit, grapefruit on pear. Excellent phenolic texture with that ever so Italian silvery line of cleansing bitterness. This is consistently one of the most regarded of all of Etna’s white wines with countless 'Tre Bicchiere' awards. With such acid drive, it’s just begin
$111ea in any 3+
$106ea in any 6+
Grace under pressure. The purity, line & length, and, expression of this wine is exceptional. Where the 2016 Costa Bassa drinks so beautifully out of the gate. 2016 Carteria steps up the depth, length and layering, this will be superb. Brooding and a little darker than the Costa Bassa, it's not just depth of flavour, but depth of tannin that shine. A little patience will yiled a treasure! The textures, harmony and pleasure Sandro Fay are dishing up is exceptional. This will undoubtedly hit the
$114ea in any 3+
$109ea in any 6+

Giuseppe Cortese Barbaresco Rabajà 2018

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barbaresco

🍇RABAJÀ RABAJÀ RABAJÀ 🇮🇹 There’s a thread through Cortese’s wines of being well composed. The Rabajà sees a jump in sophistication depth and length. It’s such a pretty poised wine. Excellent acid balance and slatey tannins of quality and length. The aroma and flavour of Cortese Rabajà have a certain harmony to them that draws you in. There’s a lot to like here. The perfume is intoxicating. It’s the purity and translucence that shines in Cortese’s wines. Expressive for i
$128ea in any 3+
$123ea in any 6+

Giuseppe Cortese Barbaresco Rabajà 2019

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barbaresco

🍇RABAJÀ RABAJÀ RABAJÀ 🇮🇹 The 2019 Barbaresco Rabaja is a powerful, austere wine that is going to need a number of years to come around. I very much like the energy, but readers should not plan on opening a bottle any time soon, as the 2019 is seriously tannic and shut down at the moment. It’s a gorgeous Barbaresco that shows the more elegant hand that defines the approach today. Antonio Galloni, Vinous 94 Points The Rabajà sees a jump in sophistication depth and length.
$130ea in any 3+
$125ea in any 6+

Sottimano Barbaresco ‘Basarin’ 2019

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barbaresco

As with the 2016, Sottimano's 2019 Basarin is a cracker. Finely balanced with the juicy acid that sits across Sottimano's 2019's. There's more immediate generosity compared with the Fausoni at this early stage. Excellent depth and length with fine long tannins. As with the 2016 this has to be one of the best handling of a tiny proportion of new oak in Barbaresco that you'll find. The is great drinking with beautiful shape. The fruit again shining through with an intoxicating set of aromas and f
$152ea in any 3+
$145ea in any 6+
The name has changed from Vigna Regina to Nuova Regina the wine is the same ... Delicious! Sassella is typically the most elegant of the Communes made by Ar.Pe.Pe. The Nuova Regina is clearly the most sophisticated of the 2016 Riserva crop. The perfume here ramps up a notch, delicacy and intrigue with underlying power all be it in a mid-weight wine. Constantly changing and evolving with each sniff. The flow, shape and mouthfeel are impeccable. Vibrant red fruit with woody herbs tea, blood ora
$175ea in any 3+
$168ea in any 6+
The Rocce Rosse has a darker feel. Currently, I perceive it as a little richer with an extra squirt of tannin to hold it. Dark spiced, long firm yet fine tannins. Like the Nuova Regina and Sant’Antonio it lingers for some time. Again there is real beauty here. It unfolds in the glass revealing layer after layer. Incredible, complete wine of exceptional balance. It is unfair to separate the two Sassella, they are both stunning. Drinking the pair together on any given night over the next 1
$175ea in any 3+
$168ea in any 6+
Meaning New Lava Flow it's young soils have not broken down to release as much nutrient as the olds flows. Treating the vines mean and keeping them lean! Made from Nerello Mascelese, some call it the Barolo of the South, others a cross between Pinot & Nebbiolo. I prefer to say it is itself & delicious. The vineyards of Etna have undergone a major renaissance in the last couple of decades. Passipisciaro has been one of the wineries at the forefront. I was blown away the first time I taste
$178ea in any 3+
$168ea in any 6+

Borgogno Barolo ‘Liste’ DOCG 2016

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barolo

Loaded with finesse, this wine has enticing aromas of rose, woodland berry, pine forest and herbs. Elegantly structured, the delicious palate delivers juicy Marasca cherry, raspberry compote, star anise and wild mint framed in tightly knit, polished tannins. Fresh acidity keeps it well-balanced. Drink 2022–2036. Kerin O'Keefe
$191ea in any 3+
$181ea in any 6+

Sottimano Barbaresco ‘Currá’ 2016

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barbaresco

My cup overfloweth! Barbaresco kicking it up a gear! My first taste of a Sottimano. WOW! This is stunning. Such a complete wine. It has everything and all the right places. A density and richness of dark fruit. Long, lingering and delicious. The richness is perfectly tempered by exceptional tannins of depth. This has been expertly macerated, the time on skins during ferment and just following the completion of the alcoholic fermentation is apparently around 40 days. That time has woven, truffles
$199ea in any 3+
$189ea in any 6+
🇮🇹Bravo Isabella!👏🏻
As with the 2015 I found myself not really wanting to write tasting notes simply wanting to devour the glass! Although it was line ball between the 2015 Inferno and Sassella I always lent toward the Sassella as a personal preference. ArPePe have delivered a cracker. Sassella typically produces the most elegant wines of the three communes with Inferno next and Grumello the boldest. The weight of the Sassella is on par with the Inferno this year. This has excellent shape on palate. A nice step
$205ea in any 3+
$195ea in any 6+

Albino Rocca ‘Angelo’ Barbaresco 2019

Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Barbaresco

In hommage to Angelo this goes back to his father’s days when blending was the norm. A truly beautiful blend. The gentle fruit handling and longer maceration or lunga macerazione (55 days here) has yielded a lovely perfume, a savoury core of fruit with delicacy and persistence. The tannins are wonderful. There’s a little truffle, a little liquorice, a little of lots of things coming to play. This is a wine worthy of being a hommage! Each parcel is picked separately, 3-4 days apart, and added
$216ea in any 3+
$206ea in any 6+

Luigi Baudana Barolo ‘Cerretta’ 2016

Nebbiolo | Serralunga d'Alba, Barolo

Nebbiolo, Barolo, Serralunga, Cerretta, 2013 = Enough Said! The 2016 Barolo Cerretta is dark, virile and imposing. Black cherry, lavender, scorched earth, cloves, leather and a range of balsamic notes give the Cerretta its somber, virile feel. Ample and powerful yet also medium in body, the Cerretta captures so much of what makes Nebbiolo so captivating, specifically the ability for a wine to constantly transform in the glass. Galloni
Jesus wept on the Bones of Saint Gratto! The very blood of Christ! Stunning. If I ever made a wine of this caliber I’d retire on the high. Galloni’s note is bang on! The acid-tannin complex steps up again from the ‘standard’ Riserva. The tannins are layered, of depth, fine and long. You can ever so easily lose yourself in the glass! Mind-boggling complexity! "The 2015 Gattinara Riserva Osso San Grato marries finesse with power in grand style. Rose petal, sage, mint, sweet pi
$238ea in any 3+
$228ea in any 6+

Grattamacco Bolgheri Rosso Superiore 2019

Red Blend | Tuscany, Bolgheri

The 2019 Grattamacco has excellent fruit, lovely harmony, very sophisticated. A richness that is beautifully weighted. The density of Bolgheri without being over the top. They use tiny wooden fermenters. From a maker's perspective small fermenters like these give you great feel and make it easy to handle the skins gently extracting as much or as little as you wish. This goes a long way to explaining the superfine long tannin with a Cabernet feel of the 2019 Grattamacco. Sangiovese componen
$240ea in any 3+
$230ea in any 6+
Jesus wept on the Bones of Saint Gratto! The very blood of Christ! As you step through the range each wine raises the bar. The first two Riservas already shows great harmony. The Osso San Grato steps it up again. As with the 2016 the acid-tannin complex is superb, even long with an extra layer over the San Francesco. As it opens in the glass it reveals a staggering array of perfumes and flavours. Each sniff and taste reveals another. Hard not to devour now, Ridgey assures me these wi
$255ea in any 3+
$245ea in any 6+