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Wittmann Morstein Riesling Trocken Grosses Gewächs 2018

Riesling from Rheinhessen, Germany


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A Grand Cru of the Rhine!


The Rheinhessen is kicking out some stunning Riesling both dry and off-dry think Keller, Wagner-Stemple, Van Hovel, and, of course Wittmann. Of the GG vineyards in the Rheinhessen, Morstein in Westhofen is one of the greats. Wittmann has kicked out a stunning dry Rizza from the vineyard in 2018. With 350 years of winemaking history near 30 producing organically, there’s just a little wine wisdom floating around the vineyards and winery!

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

VDP.GROSSE LAGE VDP.GROSSE LAGE® is the designation for the highest quality vineyards in Rheinhessen, sites that are precisely delineated by parcel. Here the finest wines are grown, with expressive vineyard character and special potential for cellaring.

THE SITE This pure south-facing slope rises to a high plateau at 280 metres above sea level, and is the first single vineyard to be mentioned officially in Westhofen, in 1282. The VDP.GROSSE LAGE Morstein is situated in the mid portion of this hillside, between 180–240 metres elevation, with a gradient of twenty per cent.

Wittmann Morstein Vineyard

THE SOIL Here one encounters heavy clay marl soils with limestone deposits on the top stratum. The subsoil is dominated by water-channelling layers of rocky limestone, which guarantee optimal supplies of nutrients and mineral material.

Wittmann Morstein Soil

DESCRIPTION “Pure refreshment with elegant citrus fruits, lovely floral aromas, herbality and spice. It’s hard to imagine a finer nose, delicate and sophisticated; a truly sublime bouquet. A lithe dancer of incredible elegance and poise, with breathtaking expressiveness. I have never tasted a Morstein of such purity, an incomparable sensual experience in the glass and on the palate.” (Max Gerstl, our Swiss importer)


“Situated in the wine region of Rheinhessen in Germany, the Morstein vineyard site in Westhofen has achieved cult status since the last turn of the century by playing a key role in the paradigm shift for German wines from sweet to dry wines. Today, the Morstein has garnered international attention for producing dry white wines of great complexity and restrained power.

The man behind this celebrated wine is Philipp Wittmann, owner and winemaker of the Wittmann estate in Westhofen. When he released his first solo Morstein, the great 2001 vintage he pushed the long-forgotten Westhofen into the spotlight, making this one of the great turning points in German winemaking.

In many ways, the Morstein site is typical for a new German “grand cru”. The soil is clay-marl over limestone cliffs, which means the soil is much closer to that of the Grand Cru Montrachet than to the slate of the Mosel Valley. Although the Morstein vineyard has an inclination of 20 to 25% —less than half that of the other top sites on the Mosel — the soil is only 20 centimeters deep in some places, and the maximum depth is only 1.5 meters. Due to the altitude of 180 to 240 meters above sea level, the site is best described as a cool corner in a rather warm region. This unique terroir and microclimate lead to a healthy acidity content, which helps explain the restrained power in Morstein dry Rieslings, preventing the wine from ever tasting heavy.”

Where in the World is Wittmann?

Wittmann Rheinhessen Vineyard Maps
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Wild yellow flowers blow in a citrusy, salty breeze. Freshly picked nectarines run amok and honeydew melon drips in intensity. Alluring and decadent at the same time with glitzy tension, but ornately spiced stone fruit. The acidity is tempered only by the raw power here. Stoney and tightly constructed, but deep and welcoming. Drink now or hold.

Nick Stock for James Suckling


A warm and rich fragrance adds an unusual but seductive notion of Ambrosia rice pudding to the more conventional aromas of ripe yellow fruit. The palate is packed with sweet and juicy fruit flavours, a hint of exotic spice and well-rounded acidity add subtle accents. Despite its generous character, the Morstein shows great purity of taste and does not lose itself in opulence.

Michael Schmidt,

Where in the world does the magic happen?

Weingut Wittmann, Mainzer Straße, Westhofen, Germany