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Terroir al Límit Terra de Cuques 2015

Huber's Village white is incredibly intriguing. It's rare to see so much packed into a wine & for it to have such poise at the same time!

Stunning perfume, the fragrance lifted by the spice & flowers in the Muscat. A  wine of great intrigue, lingering intensity and length. Insane texture more like a light red. Perfect balance. Incredible freshness & poise with a salty edge. Perfect line of bitterness keeps the palate clean and makes for a delicious food wine. This 100% whole bunch white has a beautiful personality.

91+ Points Luis Guitiérrez, The Wine Advocate #227.

Terra De Cuques – which translates as ‘place of the fireflies’ – takes its name from the fireflies that light up the landscape in this area at night. Fireflies are extremely sensitive to chemical contamination, like ladybirds, and their presence indicates a healthy vineyard environment. Terra De Cuques is a blend of 10% Moscatel de Alejandría from Porrera on slate soils (macerated and fermented on its skins for seven days before being transferred into 500 litre demi-muid) and 90% Pedro Ximénez on chalk soils (picked early, whole berry pressed and then tank reared). The source vineyards face northeast and are 400-600 metres above sea level. These factors mean the grapes are sheltered from the sun’s harshest rays while the cool nights lock in the grapes’ refreshing acidity.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Domink’s background as a Chef, perhaps his German ancestory and definitely his drive to make great wine appears to have lead to the perfect balance between art and science.

All his wines have great balance, intensity, delicacy, poise and harmony. They are great expressions of site and old vines. His two top wines just amp all of this up to new levels. There’s a refinement to the texture and somehow extra layers to both the palate and intoxicating scent. These are not overripe, over oaked, clumsy Priorats, their sophistication is closer to great Burgundy or Barolo.

Take some time to watch our Wine Decoded session with Dominik and read more about his vineyards and wine in our Wine Bites Mag Article“Cutting Edge Priorat from Dominik Huber’s Terroir al Límit”

He’s making “Natural” wine, apply technique, science and detail to ensure his wines are the best they can be at any given point as he strives to make them better. Disdain, is perhaps, a nice way to describe his feelings for “lazy” natural winemakers who don’t put in the work & make bad wine. No, Brett is not accepted in his wines and hygiene is important. Yes, analysis is used to determine the status of wines and make informed decisions.

Simple, healthy environment, results in healthy vital and vibrant grapes that are just desperate to be turned into delicious wine.

Like all of the great wine producers, there is a strong focus on the vineyard. This is matched by the desire to make wine that is the perfect accompaniment to the region Catalan cuisine, heavy on seafood, often simple, always tasted, typically not made from the prime ingredients, as the Italian’s say, Cucina Povera or poor people’s food.


Where in the world does the magic happen?

Carrer Baixa de la Font, 12 Torroja del Priorat, Tarragona 43737 Spain