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SRC ‘Rivaggi’ Etna Rosso 2016

A Bold Blend of the two Nerello's & Grenache!

This is quite the extreme version of Etna, inky, loads of tannin, brooding, in need of time. Lovely elements, would love to see it with a more extended élévage pre-bottling.

$73ea in any 3+, $70ea in any 6+

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

SRC (Read pronouncing the letters: esSeRCi), roughly translates to “Here We Are” In Italian, which is a play on words being an acronym and also the initials of the family members; Sandra, Rori and Cinzia.

Etna just keeps on giving! SRC’s reds are Nerello Mascelese dominant, the Rosso blended with 10% of other varieties, mostly Sangiovese, the Crus Rivaggi blended with 20% Grenache, and, the Alberello 100% Nerello Mascelese.

Must buys for those who love the style!

I wish I had just added these to the WineFront database as ‘SRC’ to make life easy, as that is all that appears on the label. It’s a project born under the wings of maverick, cult winemaker Frank Cornelissen, though wholly its own thing from young gun winemakers taking on the northern slopes of Etna. It’s been written before, but this is one of my favourite places to drink from on earth. Rarely bad wines, though oak can play a strong hand at times, but here, nothing added, a judicious seasoning from vessels, choice sites, a celebration of Nerello Mascalese. Here the fruit is sourced from two contrada, Calderara and Crasa. A producer off to a flying start. MIKE BENNIE, The Winefront

The 2016 SRC’s are an excellent crop of wines. Mike Bennie’s reviews are below. Check in the video where we explore Etna, it’s wines and more. Watch or listen … the choice is yours!

Wine reviews start at 7m30s. There’s a heap of info on Etna, Nerello Mascelese and ‘Lava Juice’ trends on the mountain in the initial offer.

POST VIDEO UPDATE: After 24 hours open these wines all increased in depth and length of fruit incredibly, particularly the Alberello.

Tips for Drinking these Wines

If you have a full set of these wines taste them together you’ll get so much from the experience. The different sites, blends, and, tannin structures will standout more clearly. By drinking in Context (Etna’s from SRC) and with Contrast (3 different wines at 2 levels) you’ll accelerate your understanding of what’s possible and more importantly your enjoyment of the wines.

🌡Temp: 16°C. We tend to drink reds an edge warm. There’s nothing wrong with chucking the bottles in the fridge for 15minutes to drop a few degrees off them. If they end up too cold they’ll warm up quickly in the glass.

🍷Decanting: All of these wines will benefit from being thrown in a decanter, particularly in their youth. If you’re using a Coravin or other wine preserver, pour enough into each glass to be able to try them over the course of several hours. These young reds will open up and be more expressive with a bit of time in the glass.

⏳Time: I love trying good wines stand alone, with food, and, often the next day. It gives them the chance to shine and ensures you don’t miss a good wine through impatience or fail to bring out it’s best by not marrying them to food. Make sure you leave a splash in the bottle to try it 24 hours later, you’ll be rewarded for the experience, particularly when these wines are young.

🕯Cellaring: If you can hold the Contrade, Rivaggi & Alberello for 5 years you will get so much more from them. If you have 3-6 bottles sure crack one and look at it over a couple of days. Any less and you should wait at least 3 years before you looked at the first. They’ll go on to last 10 year the Rivaggi a few more. The Etna Rosso will come together a little earlire and you could look at one in 12-18 months and guage when to drink the next. Each of the wines has a beautiful interplay between fruit, and, tannin! There’s been some question of the low sulphur regime employed at SRC. I can say for sure that the wines are looking fresh with great depth and length of fruit, there is not even a hint of oxidation or volatility.

🥩🍝🍕🍳Food Match: Just think Piedmontese, braises, rich tomato based ragù, truffles, beef, quail, lamb, wild boar, rabbit. Beef carpaccio with egg yolk and truffle oil! Head south and pair it with a pizza and you’ll go to a happy place. They make for excellent BBQ wines too.

The Best 2 Options for Preserving your Wine:

  1. Grab a Coravin wine preserver.
  2. Watch this video, “Stop the Wine-ocide” Kaani 2012 – My Deep Dark Secret, one of my first, about saving open bottles of wine from the drain, sorry about the quality, but, the message is still there.
97 Points

From old vines on Mount Etna comes one of the best things I have drunk in an eon (or since last release). This is top of the tree, younger generation winemakers applying a veil to hallowed turf on the northern slope Sicily’s smoking volcano. A blend of nerello mascalese and grenache. To paraphrase GW, ‘I could have gone a point higher on this for sheer pleasure, audacity of feel, but it felt about right where it landed’. Tasted over two days, then the remainder was finished off standing in my kitchen alongside, charry, crisp-based homemade pizzas.

You won’t forget the tannin profile here. Nor the weave of dark fruit, sour cherry, guttural earthiness, wild herb savouriness through the bouquet. It’s hard to escape the general rumble of the wine. It’s medium weight but dense, builds off firm tannin grip into a full blown chomp, yet it never feels more than lacy despite the presence of those brawling, pulverised rock tannins. There’s more of the dark fruit, sour cherry, fennel, mint, briar through the palate, a rolling vibration of flavour and texture that doesn’t seem to want to quit. It’s just unreal. Addictive going back and forth to see how the wine opens its window a little too, a bite of freshness and coolness in all that guttural drawl. Fantastic wine. There’s not much more wine I want to drink out there, anywhere.

Mike Bennie