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Rieslingfreak Riesling No.10 2018

Riesling from Clare Valley, Eden Valley, South Australia


$40ea in any 6+
$38ea in any 12+
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This is a might tasty Rizza. It's clearly an evolution in style. 70% Eden Valley and 30% Clare Valley.


“Last year was the first vintage of the ‘Zenit’, the German word for zenith. This was originally made as John and Belinda’s wedding wine, but now it is made as a wine that we believe best represents the vintage. John and Belinda assess each individual vineyard block to make the best assemblage possible. This year’s blend is 70% Eden Valley and 30% Clare Valley.”

This is a might tasty Rizza. It’s clearly an evolution in style. Chatting with some people in the know, there’s more German winemaking techniques going into this one than the traditional Aussie way. The result, well, the speak for themselves!

It’s a cracker with a little phenolics in all the right place, more development on the élévage front, less primary fruit. Top effort by John. I really like the direction he’s going with this wine.

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Why wait?

The No.10 is more together and expressive now than the No.2 yet these words are still relevant and worth considering.

The importance of patience. Just wait 12 months. Please read the explanation below from John in discussion about the 2017 No.2.

This baby needed time! Show judging is but a snapshot in time. Wines have to be called on face value at the time. This is when gems like Rieslingfreak’s No. 2 can sometimes slip below the radar. A Gold medal a year ago may well have been 5 trophies today!

The passage of times does amazing things to wine, Riesling, is no different from any other variety. In fact I have a large stash of Riesling from around the world from my daughters’ birth years. Waiting for just an extra 12months will see this wine settle and give a little more of itself, wait another few years and it’ll be taken to the next level!

John’s RieslingFreak 2017 No. 3 Clare Valley Riesling won five major awards and trophies at the recent Royal Sydney Wine Show including Best Wine of the Show.

The wine quickly sold out, but fortunately John made seven rieslings from this vintage, from super dry to off dry/mildly sweet styles; there’s no better version to pose the question of premature release than the RieslingFreak 2017 No. 2 Polish Hill River Riesling ($35).

The Rieslingfreak No. 2 smacks of tart green apples with heaps of lemon juice squeezed over the top and has an extraordinary tingle on the tongue. But it might appear lean on flavour, and that acidity is going to hurt if you’re not used to the style, compared to more generous, user-friendly (when young) styles like the award-winning No. 3.

The battle, says, John, is a consumer perception that whites are designed to be drunk young, and there’s a lot of pressure to meet that demand as early as possible.

“The No. 2 can be consumed now, but I feel that at about 12 months of age will be where this wine really should be released and would be more appreciated,” John says. August 2017.

FYI – It also won a gold medal at the Royal Sydney Wine Show and The Chair of Judges award from Nick Stock at the 23rd annual Langton’s Clare Valley Wine Show.

Where in the world does the magic happen?

Rieslingfreak, Langmeil Road, Tanunda SA, Australia

Eden Valley
Clare Valley
South Australia