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Produttori del Barbaresco Riserva ‘All 9 Crus’ 2013

Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy, Barbaresco


Closure: Cork


1 x each of the 9 ~ 2013 Produttori del Barbaresco Cru Riservas. Montestefano & Ovello in Magnum the rest in 750ml.

The 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Rabajà is shockingly seamless in this tasting. Deep layers of fruit virtually bury the tannins, something that is so unusual for a young Rabajà. A host of dark blue-tone fruits, lavender, mint, violet and spice race across the palate in an utterly vivid, compelling Barbaresco of the highest level. Perhaps I caught the Rabajà on an unusually open day, but it is terrific and also quite refined for such a young wine.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 96 Points

The Produttori’s 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Ovello is all power, tension and nerve. Even so, the 2013 is remarkably civilized and much less austere than young Ovello Barbarescos usually are. Scents of cranberry, white pepper and mint give the wine its signature high-toned aromatics. The Ovello has a Volnay-like purity to its fruit, with Nebbiolo tannins and structure, of course. If that sounds appealing, well, it is. Vivid, sculpted and impossibly beautiful, the Ovello is simply magnificent.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 96 Points

The 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Pora is soft, pliant and enveloping. In many vintages, the Pora can be a bit light. Not in 2013. The wine is rich and deeply textured, with layers of fruit that continue to build with time in the glass. The tannins are present, but they are nearly buried by the sheer intensity of the fruit. This is an especially powerful, brooding edition of the Pora. Although impressive today, the 2013 will drink well for decades to come.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 94 Points

A dark, brooding wine, the 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Montestefano comes across as quite virile today, with huge tannins and equally imposing dark fruit. Smoke, leather, licorice and game add to an impression of raw, almost unrestrained, power. There is not a whole lot of finesse here at least not now. The Montestefano is a wine painted in broad brush strokes that emphasize power over elegance. Then again, that is Montestefano. Readers should be in no rush to open the 2013.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 95+ Points

The Barbaresco Riserva Montefico shows all the energy and focus that is typical of this great site, but there is so much depth to the fruit that some of the more angular contours have been softened. Bright saline-infused notes lead to wild flowers and an exotic melange of red fruits in this beautifully delineated, vivid Barbaresco. All the elements are simply in the right place.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 96+ Points

Like most of the wines in this lineup, the 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Muncagota is quite potent. A rush of raspberry jam, wild flowers, white pepper and mint make a strong opening statement. Succulent and yet also structured, the Muncagota has so much to offer. It should be one of the first wines in this range to start opening up, although when that will happen exactly is hard to say.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 94 Points

Absolutely stunning in every way, the 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Asili is also the most complete wine in the lineup at this stage. Floral, lifted and exquisitely beautiful, the 2013 speaks to regal elegance and finesse above all else. Silky tannins add to an impression of total sensuality. At this stage, there is almost no impression of tannin, as the wine is so impeccably balanced. The 2013 shuts down quickly in the glass, which may suggest it is headed for a long period of dormancy. Readers who can find the Asili should not miss it, as it is truly sublime.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 97 Points

The 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Pajé is simply fabulous. Sweet floral notes soar from the glass as this deep, beautifully resonant Barbaresco shows off its compelling inner sweetness and total sense of poise. The flavors are deep yet fresh, with wonderful fragrance and impeccable balance throughout. A wine of total harmony, the 2013 is going to be nearly impossible to resist young. The 2013 is one of the best versions of the Pajé I can remember tasting.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 96 Points

The 2013 Barbaresco Riserva Rio Sordo is one of the more gracious, approachable wines in this range. Medium in body, yet deep and beautifully resonant, the 2013 has so much to offer. It should open up a bit earlier than most of the other 2013s in the range. Succulent dark cherry, plum, tobacco, mint, licorice and lavender grace the effortless finish.

Antonio Galloni, Vinous 93 Points

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

What’s in the Box?

1 x each of the 9 ~ 2013 Produttori del Barbaresco Cru Riservas. Montestefano & Ovello in Magnum the rest in 750ml.

The wines of Produttori del Barbaresco were my first introduction to Barbaresco. The good bit was being introduced to a producer that is now a staple in my cellar. The bad bit was all of the lesser Barbaresco I tried after that. They had set the bar high!

Barbaresco is often considered the poor cousin to Barolo. That it certainly is not! The benefit for us is the marketing hype around Barolo which is often deserved and sometimes not help keep prices of Barbaresco reasonable. Produttori produces what are undoubtedly some of the best value Barbarescos available today.

I while ago I had a 1996 Produttori del Barbaresco standard next to a 1996 Vietti Riserva Villero – in today’s money $75 vs $750. The Vietti was undoubtedly the superior wine, but, gee the Produttori held it’s own for a wine of the comparative price.

There really is an incredible amount of wisdom in Aldo Vacca’s winemaking.

A rare opportunity to try the best Crus from across Barbaresco, and, explore the diversity of personalities in the wines of the region, from feminine, and, perfumed, to brooding and structured.

They are all excellent wines of distinction, with a few more years in the bottle they will be a truckload of fun.

My 1st meeting with Aldo

Aldo Vacca has deftly brought the Produttori del Barbaresco into modern times while making subtle changes to farming and winemaking yet maintaining the traditional style that has made this coop so adored by its rabidly loyal fan base. The changes at Produttori have been gradual to the degree they aren’t always so noticeable, but they are there. No one knows every nook and cranny of Barbaresco better than Aldo Vacca, but Vacca has also proven to be incredibly wise in making choices that have positioned the Produttori for much continued success in the future. I can’t think of too many wines that deliver this much pleasure and value. Antonio Galloni

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The 2016 Vintage at Produttori del Barbaresco

From Produttori:

The 2016 vintage was certainly one of the longest-lasting season of recent years. Signs of the vegetative cycle being so long first appeared at the beginning of the season, when the mild temperatures and low rainfall in January and early February confirmed the trend that had already been seen during the first part of the winter.

From the end of February throughout March, on the other hand, temperatures dropped and there was plenty of rain, providing the soil with good reserves of water, although less than what was recorded the previous year.
Spring began with a considerable amount of rain as well as cold night temperatures which actually helped avoiding any significant disease related problem also because of the still primordial stage reached in the vegetative cycle.

Only after June 20th temperatures become more normal and summer settled in with maximum day temperatures above 85°F. The good weather stayed through the summer, but never too hot and grapes showed a slowly delay in the ripening process that was overcome only in September especially thanks to the beautiful second half of the month. Bright days and chilly nights helped a perfect evolution of the structure of the wines and the accumulation of phenolic substances.
Harvest happened in the first two weeks of October under beautiful weather. We can look forward to wines with excellence balance, big bouquets and great structure, although in some cases lower alcohol contents will be recorded than in 2015. 2016 will be a vintage of great personality and definitely in for the long run in your cellars!

Antonio Galloni’s Thoughts:

The 2016 Riservas are without question the finest wines I have ever tasted from the Produttori del Barbaresco. That is evident from the very beginning of this tasting. Wines like the Pora, Rio Sordo and Muncagota that are typically open-knit and accessible, in relative terms, are brooding powerhouses. From there, the Riservas only get richer, deeper and more structured. I am too young to have tasted the 1978s as young wines, but the darkness and power of the 2016s reminds me of those Barbarescos, with the finesse and nuance of today, naturally. Harvest began in early October, which is on the later side by current standards. The Riservas saw five weeks on the skins, with submerged cap fermentation and then malolactic fermentation in steel, where the wines spent a number of months before being racked into 25 and 50HL casks in May 2017. No one who loves Piedmont wines will want to be without these mind-blowing, majestic Riservas. Prices remain exceedingly fair, making these some of the most reasonably priced, ageworthy wines anywhere in the world. Because of the very high quality of the year, the Produttori bottled about 20% more volume of the Riservas.

While waiting for those wines to come around, readers will want to have the 2017 Barbaresco in the cellar. It’s a very pretty wine from a year with more challenges. It will be interesting next year to see how the Riservas fared. Congratulations to Managing Director Aldo Vacca and his team for this breathtaking set of wines. The 2016 Riservas will go down as an epochal achievement for the Produttori del Barbaresco.

A bit about Nebbiolo

Nebbiolo is an incredibly challenging grape variety to grow, make, and, as a consumer, sometimes, to drink and understand.

The name incorporates ‘Nebbia’ or cloud. Driving the vineyard clad hills of Barolo or Barbaresco in Piemonte (at the foot of the mountain), you’ll often find yourself immersed in clouds! A function of the topography and the region being surround by mountains on three sides.

Nebbiolo wines tend to focus more on what we call secondary characters, earthy, truffles, violets, woody herbs, tar. The texture / mouthfeel is a hallmark of Nebbiolo. They can be extremely tannic demanding rich food to balance them, and time in the bottle to soften. No matter the quantity of tannin, the best Nebbiolo wines will always have incredible quality, depth and length of tannin.

The bunches and berries are much larger than most of the French varieties. The colour of Nebbiolo wines can range from deep and dark to rusty tap water! Yet, a pale colour is often no indicator of the depth of flavour or quality of the wine.

A bit about Barbaresco

The area of Barbaresco is only 10min from Barolo, the difference in soil and weather can mean one may have a great year whilst the other is average.

Barbaresco DOCG regulations allow for wine to be released a year earlier than Barolo. Angelo Gaja, perhaps the most famed producer of Barbaresco, has largely chosen to ignore DOCG regulation in the pursuit of excellence. There is perhaps a question over whether marketing or tending of the vineyards and wines is the reason behind their cult status.

Whilst Gaja has been in the limelight wineries like Roagna and Produttori del Barbaresco have been quietly going about the business of making some of the best value Nebbiolo’s available today.

There is no doubt that the great Barbaresco’s are every bit as good as the great Barolo’s.

As a generalisation, Barbaresco tends to be less tannic and more approachable as younger wines. This has absolutely no impact on the ability of Barbaresco to age.

Where in the world does the magic happen?

Produttori del Barbaresco S.A.C., Via Torino, Barbaresco, Province of Cuneo, Italy