Padre ‘Daddy’s Girl’ Blend – Beans or Ground to Order

Soft and rich with mild acidity, full body and notes of mellow caramel and sweet milk chocolate.

Soft and rich with mild acidity, full body and notes of mellow caramel and sweet milk chocolate, DG sees premium Colombian, Indian and Ethiopian beans come together like they were made for each other.

Deliciously user-friendly as espresso, Daddy’s Girl makes for an exceptional milk coffee and thanks to the beans’ natural sweetness and low acidity, has acquired a cult following among stovetop and plunger fans as well.

*To give you the best possible coffee experience we place multiple orders across the week for ground beans to give you the freshest brew! We typically have whole beans in stock.


Why is this Wine so Yummy?

Padre Coffee was born in Brunswick East back in late 2007/early 2008. We started small, roasting, brewing and selling all of our coffee under the one roof in the heart of the community; making friends, having fun and learning as we went. Our Victorian HQ and roastery is still here in Brunswick East, and a lot of our first customers are as well – in fact, we’re proud to say that it’s thanks to the support of loyal, coffee-loving locals that we’ve grown up to be the company we are today.


We can be very particular (some would say obsessive) about the way it is produced, prepared and presented.

Our dedicated roasting team put all of their time and energy into the curation of a diverse, accessible and ever-changing range of premium single origin and blended coffee beans, which we’re proud to source from traders and farmers all around the world that know the value of quality and believe – as we do – in ethical and sustainable production.

We roast our coffee in small, loving batches; juggling time, temperature and air-flow to create a fulfilling flavour profile for each bean. It’s a pleasure to taste and test our coffee exhaustively, and to brew with the very best equipment. At Padre we drink coffee every way we know how, and are devoted to the education and information that will help our customers to get the best out of every cup.