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Joh. Bapt. Schäfer ‘Pittermännchen’ Riesling GG 2015

Simply Divine! The purity of this wine is incredible, it's no wonder Keller recommended Joh Bapt to the importer!

Only in more recent times have Australian’s been playing with skin contact, lees work, and, time in barrels with Riesling. Joh. Bapt. Schäfer has done are superb job of firstly growing exceptional Grand Gru fruits, secondly using all of these techniques to layer in amazing, seamless, nuanced, textures and flavours. This is a triumph from a young winemaker who clearly has wisdom beyond his years! The flowers that blossom from the glass as the wine opens to reveal itself entice, the texture intrigues, and, the length of flavour has your tasting this wine long after it’s been swallowed.

$125ea for 3-5, $120ea for 6+

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Why is this Wine so Yummy?

A note from Paul: This wine has been bottled with high levels of dissolved Carbon Dioxide. It will make the wine appear fizzy, indeed my cork almost lept from the bottle. This is a common practice for this kind of wine, it helps retain freshness and increases longevity. If it bothers you give a decant or pour of a little, stick your hand over the openning and give it a we shake. Remember to let the bubbles settle before you release the gas!

Sebastian Schäfer, is a young dynamo who – since taking over the helm of this small Nahe winery from his ailing dad in 2002 – has created magic wines that now have the likes of K-P Keller singing their praises! At 20 years of age, he was awarded a placement in the Gault Millau Wine Guide and in 2013 the reputation of the estate took a giant step when he was invited to be a member of the Nahe VDP.

(The Weingut Diel lower Nahe wines of the 80’s and 90’s) frequently made a bold statement, and the best of them proved that the Lower Nahe could produce wines that could play in the big leagues. This undeniably encouraged others to pursue quality, most obviously Sebastian Schafer…the result is always wines full of personality…seriously expressive wines from the Goldloch and Pittermannchen.“Best White Wine on Earth” Stuart Pigott.
…there are several Riesling kings in the Nahe valley
but the shooting star of the 2015 vintage is Sebastian Schäfer from Weingut Joh. Bapt. Schäfer” Stephan Reinhardt

““Sebastian Schäfer is young and excellent. A very good choice.” Klaus-Peter Keller, Weingut Keller

A snapshot:
Region Nahe (lower Nahe valley, near the confluence of the Nahe and Rhine Rivers), about 100km S-W of Frankfurt.
Estate size 8ha. Est 1900 4th generation owner and winemaker, Sebastian Schäfer

“…amongst the very best you can get in the Nahe valley from the great 2015 vintage and even Dönnhoff isn’t far ahead. Schäfer’s 2015 are ripe and concentrated but also very precise and super clear in their expression of fruit and terroir…But whatever you might open, you will be closer to heaven with these 2015s. This is surely one of the domaines whose wines readers should seriously consider to buy in large amounts.” Stephan Reinhardt.
“…emerging as one of the new talents on the Nahe.” Joel B. Payne

VINUM – Riesling Champion 2015

Where in the world does the magic happen?