A Wine La Botamy! ??

Equipo Navazos “Mind Blowing” Wines & Sherries Mix Your Own

These are Insanely Good Wines, that Stack up Next to the World's Greats! Precision, Harmony, Personality & Poise will Rain down on your Tongue!

Jesús realised a treasure trove of wines, lay resting in the Bodegas, they were not available to the public, many, being lost to larger blends for commercial release. After sharing bottles of these wines with friends, over what must have been many gruelling nights, a group prompted him to start bottling special selections for private consumption. Thus, more by accident than design, Equipo Navazos (team Navazos) was born.

You can learn more about Equipo Navazos and their search for excellence in the Wine Bites Mag Article “Equipo Navazos a wine La Botamay. Literally Mind Blowing Wine.”

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Why are these Wines so Yummy?

Over time Equipo Navazos has moved from a curator of the fine wines of Andalusia to a maker. They have become increasingly involved in all aspects of production, with Equipo Navazos, partner and winemaker for Valdespino, Eduardo Ojeda.

Their intent is simple, in their own way, they wish to express the amazing terroirs of Andalusia, and, the Bodegas where their wines are made. With an eye for achieving excellence, Equipo Navazos is selecting great vineyards, soleras, and wines to guide to the glasses of others with similar passion. In some cases they are tweaking already established techniques, minimising or not filtering the wines at all. In others like the white table wines made from Palomino, Navazos-Niepoort and Florpower, they are reviving a lost style made centuries ago, making wines that are pure, spectacular and their own from start to finish.

Rather than simply bottling a finished product, their involvement in wines, often already decades old, is more comparable to that of an affinois of cheese, taking responsibility for the wine’s maturation for extended periods, years, stretching towards decades in some cases, before it is finally bottled.

Where in the world does the magic happen?

Jerez, Spain



Chiclana de la Frontera


Jerez de la Frontera


Sanlúcar de Barrameda